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Configuration only 
Code programming only 
Configuration and programming 
  1. How to create a solution with SFS Tools
  2. Re-generate and re-generate code
    1.  Re-generate code for user interface layer
    2.  Re-generate for business rules layer
  3. Modularity
  4. Customization, configuration and programming code
    1.  How to customize strings 
    2.  How to configure a entity for code generation (Important before continuing)
    3.  How to sort the properties
    4.  How to hiding or showing the fields
    5.  How to customize the property types
      1. Single relationships (Foreign keys)
        1. Autocomplete
        2. LookUp
      2. Email or other formats by regular expression
      3. Date and Time
      4. Filling drop down lists in cascade mode
    6.  How to add custom functionality to user interface layer
    7. How to add validation rules
    8. How to add custom business rules
    9.  How to conditionalhiding or showing the fields
    10. How to add fully custom "to many" relationships 
    11.  How to add  multi-company feature to any application
    12. How to re-use a native entity from different views
    13. How to configure system columns
  5. Extensibility
    1. Of generation code
    2. Of enterprise solution template