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Integrated security

Security framework that allows you to assign permissions to each profile. Reading, writing, modification and deletion. Also other special permissions.
Administrative roles can be created, customized and other limited to certain parts of the application. Each user can manage the security administrator hierarchical belongs.

Audit changes

This module allows you to specify which business entities will be audited (For example: sales, billing, credit, etc.). And which not. The audit is to record every move a user makes on the system with respect to the business objects.


Just do the necessary configuration, any application can support the use of the same instance by an unlimited number of companies, where company information is visible to users who belong to it and can not access data other companies. This makes them ideal tools for solutions that are enabled in the cloud or scenarios where several group companies are required to make use of the online application.


Advanced filters for longer range

Allows queries using all fields of a catalog with no limit. Both fields are of basic type (integer, currency, dates, etc..) Fields related to each other catalogs and related fields to many (what makes the difference with other filtering tools on the market).

Export multi-format

All lists (catalogs) have a menu of export to multiple formats, this feature, along with the advanced filters, reducing the need for a large number of reports in the system, and therefore also the cost and time development.

Any platform database engine

Works with MS SQL server, but may eventually switch to any other driver and any other platform thanks to the technologies and standards implemented.

Deliveries within a short time

Thanks to the SFS tools can be quickly delivered the first version of the application, then all modifications, adjustments and corrections are in a short time thanks to the benefits of their productivity tools.


Focus on what is important

With our tools, you no longer spend time on repetitive programming tasks that in most projects usually consume most of the time. This allows the team focuses its efforts on the most important things of the solution. See more details.


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