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Enterprise systems

What is on your business needs?

We implement a variety of applications for your business, it all depends on your type of business, your needs and goals. From custom applications to your requirements or enabling existing software, free or proprietary. Contact us 


Financial solutions

Management for Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries: Credit, Collection, Portfolio Accounting, Lease

Electronic invoicing

Resolve the emission and reception of electronic invoices and eliminate any capture process. Electronic invoicing is a need today and in the coming months will be indispensable. Occupy your time better, reduce your physical files.

Sales, marketing and customer management

Design marketing campaigns, detected in the target potential customers and keep them informed through newsletters and offers a totally automated ... Avoid spamming!, Must reach the inbox.

E-commerce, online store

Put your products to reach the world and directly charged by any credit card. Get statistics about sales, customer reviews and ratings. Update your products easily, apply shipping charges or taxes.

Inventory Control

Expedite your storage management, input and output products, projected growth needs and instantly locate where the material resources of your organization. Maintain an audit trail of who and what teams request and how long they stay with them.

Accounting and Enterprise Resource Management

Record all historical transactions, integrate a POS system, facilitate tax accounting and streamline the process of your organization through IT tools now allow you to access your information from anywhere at any time.

Managing files, images, documents

Quickly find historical information, keep multiple versions of a single file and find out who and when you made changes on them. Access your data from anywhere, anytime. Reduce paper usage and secure your information.

Website design

All services related to the impact of their business on the Internet, from your site hosting, design, implementation of strategies for search engine rankings, advertising, networking tools, online store, among others.

Business processes (BPM, Workflow)

Move your everyday operating processes to a system where most of the activities can be automated and each role and person knows exactly what their most important task ahead, post time, resources and opportunities for improvement detected.

Health, patient care

We can implement various systems to improve user services, automating part of the evaluation, classification and diagnosis minimizing the error margins and accelerate patient care.

Government, citizen

Improve the perception of citizens streamlining care processes, optimize resources and get useful information for decision-making, budget projection system and automate their bids or purchases.

Collaboration, teamwork

Make it easy for your team, get better results in their projects using technology that enables collaboration through the sharing of files, agendas, control activities, working map generation, timing control.


E-learning, online training

Are your expenses are too many to classroom training? Leverage technology and drastically reduce costs in line, with courses designed with pedagogical principles, audiovisual and interactive. The technology today allows knowledge transfer is drastically more economical and efficient.   

Do you need some other type of system for your business? Contact Us