IFNB Operation Engine

Operating Engine for IFNB
Complete Solution for Operations
Our Operation Engine for IFNB (MOFis a tool that supports the operation of Financial Entities. The  MOF is composed of modules: Prospecting, Credit Management, Parametric Qualification (Scoring), Collection Operations, Portfolio Management, Document Control, Accounting, Liability Control, Operations, Catalogs, Security and the Reports module.
The  MOF is a parametric tool, therefore its operation is in strict accordance with policies and procedures of each IFNB.  MOF also follows best practices recommendations issued by CNBV and COSO on Internal Control and Risk Management.
MOF is transactional application.  Consequently, the accounting records for the transactions / operations are automatically, therefore Financial & Accounting information is timely and dependable. Accounting records, Financial Statements as well as Credit Portfolio reports are automatically generated by MOF.
 MOF in detail: Ver presentación
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