E-Document Management Solution

Transactional Engine for Electronic Invoicing


Our Engine for Electronic Invoicing (MTFAC) is an application that enables the management of digital -tax- documents, both those issued as well as those received.
The  MTFAC consists of two main modules: Issuance Module and the Reception Module, which can work together or separately. Complementary modules are also available: Utility Billing Assistant, Document Management Tool, and Cost Control Tool.

Issuance Module manages the generation and issuance of CFD and / or CFDI in accordance with applicable tax and legal laws. This module performs the validation of requirements, integrating electronic files, the allocation of pages, adding digital signatures and seals, as well as issuance of digital document.
Reception Module manages the administration of the CFD and / or CFDI received from suppliers to effect its efficient use. It manages the collection, classification, validation, compilation and translation of digital receipts received in order to expedite their use. This module also manages those non-electronic invoices.
Download the brochure of our  MTFAC: