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What do you need in your Business?

We can implement a wide range of applications for your business, it all depends on your type of business, your needs and goals. Applications built to suit your requirements and/or Enabling existing software, free or proprietary, with a diversity of choices in their licensing.

Finance & Administrative Solutions

Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries Operation: Prospecting, Credit Management, Collection Operations, Portfolio Management, Document Control, Accounting, Leasing...  Risk Management Shield... Credit Portfolio Rank, Loss Reserve, Credit VaR... Courses, workshops, seminars and conferences for the optimal skills development... (Ver más...).


Resolve the Issuance and Reception of digital –tax- documents reducing manual procedures. Tax electronic documents are mandatory under Mexican Tax Provisions. Use your time better. Paperless advantage… (Ver más...)

Sales management & Marketing

Design marketing campaigns. Detect potential customers and keep them informed through newsletters and offers. Avoid spamming! Must reach the inbox.

E-Commerce. On-line shop

Put your products available to the world and collect directly through any credit card. Get statistics about sales, customer reviews and ratings. Update your products easily, apply shipping charges and/or taxes.

Inventory Management

Streamline the management of their stores: inputs and outputs of products. Project needs for growth and instantly locate material resources of your organization.

Accounting & Business Resources

Record all historical transactions, Integrate a POS system, Streamline tax returns and the accounting process by using IT Tools. Tools that let you access your information from anywhere at any time.

Files, images and document Management

Quickly find historical information. Keep different versions of one file and find out who and when hade made changes. Access your information from anywhere at any time. Reduce paper use and secure your information.

Web Site Design, Mail and other

All services related to the impact of your business online. Hosting your site, its design, implementation strategies for search engine rankings, advertising, networking tools, online store, etc. 

Business Processes Management (Work flows)

Move your everyday operating processes to a system where most activities can be automated and each role and people knows exactly what their most important task ahead, post time, resources and identify opportunities for improvement.

Health, care of patients

We can implement systems to improve service to users, automating part of the assessment, classification and diagnosis while minimizing the margin for error and expedite patient care.

Government, citizen

Improve the perception of citizens by streamlining care processes, optimize resources and obtain information useful for decision-making, budget projection and automate its procurement system or shopping.


Make it easy for your team, get better results from their projects using technology that enables collaboration through the sharing of files, agendas, control activities, generate work maps and time control schedules.


E-learning, on-line training

Are your classroom training expenses are high? Leverage technology and reduce costs drastically, with courses designed with pedagogical principles, audiovisual and interactive. The technology today allows the transfer of knowledge under more economical and efficient ways.