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SFS Tools

What is SFS Tools?

They are a set of tools, and a development strategy can speed the process of building software in Microsoft technologies. This occurs automating Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and applying a set of patterns and best practices of Microsoft. It is also part of a Framework infrastructure (SFSdotNet.Framework) containing encapsulated functionality to reduce the need for coding parts of the project. This, coupled with a constant update strategy that allows always keep current technologically based infrastructure application.

Is a CASE tool?

No. SFS is a development strategy that includes productivity tools that leverage and maximize the power of Microsoft Visual Studio for development of business projects. It is aimed at developers, programmers both experts and novices with little experience.

Does this replaces Microsoft Visual Studio. NET?

No. Instead, harnesses the power of Microsoft Visual Studio and reduces the need for the programmer to master many of the technologies it contains.

For whom is it directed?

For software development teams in Microsoft technologies. It can be used by programmers Jr without enough experience in architecture design and Frameworks. Also a software architect or project manager can be benefited by saving time and reducing risks.¿Cual es el nivel de conocimientos que se requieren?
Conocimientos básicos de un programador graduado. Conocimiento sobre el lenguaje de C# y comprender el concepto de N capas.

How long will you save?

From 40% to 80% of the total time.

What type of projects can be used?

In all types of projects with Microsoft technologies (Web, Desktop, Mobile).

What type of projects should NOT be used?

In different projects to Microsoft technology. Although you can also generate any other code on any platform. We only recommend Microsoft Visual Studio.

What languages ​​are supported?

For now only C #, but you can add other templates to support VB.NET or any other language. If you require support for this toast, please contact us.