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On-Demand Solutions

What does on-demand?

The on-demand software, also known as software as a service, means the acquisition of it not as a licensed product but as a service using measured consumption and this is how you make a periodic payment.

This payment can be by time of use, number of users or administrators functionality available in the system.

Is it less expensive to buy a system?

Definitely is considerably less expensive.

Is it less expensive to build a conventionally?

The construction cost is practically the same, but the business model is different because payment is deferred according to usage. We can take your project as a system on demand if it is meeting the right market. This system will be in the cloud (hosting service) and will be offered to other customers later.

What is necessary for a system to work in the cloud?

Some technical issues are resolved with our tools, but it is also very important to the functional aspect in the sense that a system should be able to used by multiple organizations simultaneously and from a single instance, this reduces infrastructure costs and maintenance. 

What are the requirements to use an on-demand system?

Practically none. Can be accessed from any computer, using any browser on all platforms, including tablets and phones. But something important to keep in mind is that in a system of demand there will always be more to adapt it, he more specific to our needs, ie have less possibility of customization.